Our consulting services help standardise business operations, improve productivity and grasp business advantages in the market.

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Human resources
  • Management
  • Finance

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Our accounting review services help the business to obtain a reliable accounting system that complied with statutory requirements and provide timely management information for decision making purpose.

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Accounting Review

Our accounting review service helps business to obtain quality financial statements.

Our services include

  • Review of accounting documents to check for their legality and validity
  • Review of purchase invoices to check for their legality and validity
  • Review of accounting books
  • Review of financial statements

Accounting System Setup

Our team with in-depth knowledge of business operations and many years of experience will help our customers to setup strong internal control systems in line with law and regulations.

  • Accounting documents, forms, and system development
  • Authorization, approval process and document circulation
  • Guidelines on bookkeeping and supervisory procedures
  • Financial statement system development
  • Financial accounting and staff handbook development
  • Accounting software evaluation, test and selection


Our taxation services help businesses to comply with tax regulations and prepare optimized tax plans that balance the benefits of the State, the business and the investors.​

Tax review

Results of business performance can be negatively affected if enterprises are not well aware of and updated with tax regulations and sanctions. Our tax review service analyzes the tax impacts on your performance results for compliance and profitability.

  • Review accounting books and business transactions for tax compliance status;
  • Analyze specific issues to capture potential tax planning opportunities;
  • Discuss with the management for possible resolutions.

Tax advisory

Our extensive experience and comprehensive range of technical skills enable us to deal with a broad range of tax issues:

  • Personal income tax planning and consulting;
  • Value-added tax planning and tax rebate procedures;
  • Corporation income tax planning and consulting
  • Dealing with complex tax scenarios;
  • Tax allowances and consulting;
  • Preparing and reviewing taxation matters in business agreements;
  • Newsletter service on tax regulations;
  • Acting as business representative before tax authorities.

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Business compliance

With our business compliance service package, our experienced team of accountants and HR professionals will help you run your business smoothly from day 1.

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Initial registration

  • Business licencing
  • Tax registration
  • Accounting system registration and setup
  • Social insurance registration


  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax compliance
  • Payroll processing
  • Staffing


Our professional and experiened team will help you to develop and strengthen business strategies by exploiting new opportunities, improving performance, managing risk and enhancing values for shareholders and stakeholders.

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Corporate finance

We help to develop and pursue your business strategies and transactional objectives in the following services:

  • Advice on the company’s objectives & business plan
  • New debt capital implementation
  • Advice on tax implication & due diligence issues​
  • Valuation

Our experts and fully qualified teams to carry out the quantitative value using different valuation methods in merging to give you the confidence during your merger and acquisitions negotiation process by determining some of the following factors:

  • Stock audit and evaluation
  • Determine the value of the business based on both tangibles and intangibles assets
  • Determine business projected profitability value
  • Review the synergy value of the business​

Merger & Acquisition

Our services include:

  • Carry out strategic review of the client to assess the potential opportunity in merging or acquiring. This can provide a clear direction for client's performance
  • Perform competitor analysis in M&A to suggest the best course of action and opportunities for the clients
  • Conduct research & identify key targets to make M&A on time
  • Value the business with proper business valuation techniques
  • Act as an expert with tactics & negotiation skills to deal with client's M&A
  • Supports to identify the potential Strategic Alliance process, and drives towards the agreement process for the best deal between parties
  • Identify business diversification related and non-related opportunity for clients in any fields.


Business process restructuring::

Ready for new business growth opportunities but struggled with old fashion management style? Or simply want to reach the benchmark in management? Our business process restructuring service helps transform your business to a higher level in terms of the people, the process and the technology.

  • Business diagnostics
  • Strategic consulting
  • Business process rebuild
  • Training and simulation
  • Change management

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Human resources

Our human resources services help clients to recruit, develop and retain a team of professionalism, loyalty and competency and to maintain the HR system in a cost-effective manner.

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HR Consulting

  • HR structure development
  • Compensation and rewards system
  • Development of HR evaluation and management systems
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